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Developer: Ambient Games
Based in: Melbourne/Naarm, Australia
Release Date: TBA
Social: Instagram
Platform: Steam
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Embark on a heartwarming journey as a lil' penguin tryin to find his way back to his community.

Explore the polar pathways and icey caves at your own pace.

Find your colony of penguins you've lost after a disastrous avalanche and get back home!

Key Features

  • Beautiful Snowy landscape to explore as a penguin.
  • A heart-warming story about the importance of community and friendship.
  • Easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics, suitable for all ages and skills.
  • No enemies or pressure so players have more space to explore freely.
  • Simple UI/UX using emoticons, animations, sounds and camera movements to communicate with characters.
  • Encourage mindfulness through music, sound, lack of constraints and pebble nest mechanics.


Follow the journey of a lil penguin in a big world! In Polar Pathways you travel as a penguin called Peng Wing as you navigate and interact within the arctic environments. With no pressured challenges or danger, you can enjoy the relaxing sound and landscapes at your own pace in this cozy and wholesome game.

Explore the Antarctic desert's atmospheric scenery, adventure through exciting caves and meet friends along the way. However, disaster is looming, will our penguin friend find out before it’s too late?

Slide and waddle along the snowy pathways and Icey caves to solve puzzles and play as Peng Wing the Penguin as you traverse back to your colony and community while adventuring through the arctic tundra and meet other animals like Elephant Seals.

Ultimately, you'll go on a heart-warming adventure about the importance of community and friendship. Focused on story, with some light puzzle solving and platforming with simple and easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics, Polar Pathways is suitable for gamers and non-gamers alike.


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